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Gunner Wright, mocap and voice for Isaac Clarke, is actually in this, acting in the live action role:…

If this doesn't get your juices flowing for the release date, try the demo!  The co-op is unlocked and is hilariously fun.

What's everyone looking forward to the most?
Hello everyone!  The most wonderful time of the year approaches.  And no, that is not Christmas.  Terror, dismemberment, darkness and creepy alien writing are definitely more welcome on Halloween!   2Spookiness is around the corner, and just like last year, I bring you a challenge:

:bulletpink: Create something that mixes Dead Space, Halloween, and Unitology script!  Draw fanart, carve a pumpkin, write a spooky (short) story, make some origami, whatever you want!

:bulletpink: Submit it to the 'Contests' folder, or if that doesn't pop up on the dropdown, 'featured' and mention it here in the journal or note us.

:bulletpink: Since this is a challenge, and not a contest, entries will not be rated against one another.  But, there is a prize...

:bulletpink: Everyone gets featured in my personal journal!  And here in this journal!   And -- One entry will be randomly selected via random means as a winner!  Said raffle winner gets a sketch request from me.

Have your Halloween themed entries in by Oct 31, of course!  ENJOY~!

- LunaticStar
That would be me!

This doesn't entail a lot of changes, or any really!  If I get bored some evening I may tweak folders a little more, but that's nothing that really affects you guys.  If you have any questions or suggestions though, pass 'em along to me.  :)

- LS
Hello. this is your founder Speaking.

I've decided to move accounts and start fresh. But I'd hate to close this down. So I plan on handing it to someone else who has been loyal to this place.

I Do hope that this foundation grows better when Im gone.

I'll still be around though. IM not dead. But this account will be.

The new founder that I tell who now owns this will announce him/her self on the next Jurnal on here....

Thank you everyone.

I hope the Unitology Fandom Grows larger. Dead space really is amazing. And I'll never stop loving it. ever.

Hi everyone!  I'm helping out InkTailedDragon with the admin duties!  I've organized some stuff, including making a Featured folder, so a healthy smattering of big features are rotated on the main page.  Also, there's a new folder for Cosplay / Costume, and one for Resources.  

So submit to the right folders, tell your friends, and let's make this the friendliest Dead Space group on DA!

- H

(And of course the first thing I do is spam everyone by hitting the damn button twice, like a boss)

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